'Small World Big Planet' is the blog of Matt Parry Photography, a UK based freelance Travel and Landscape photographer.

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About me
I love to travel and to date have visited over 50 countries. This has led to several of my other hobbies including photography. Although I have always enjoyed taking photos it is only since late 2008 that I started to take it a bit more seriously (i.e. buying a DSLR and taking it off the auto setting!). Frustratingly this is after the vast majority of my backpacking so most of my pictures from these amazing countries a) remain on film and b) are crap, so won't be seen on here :)

I am still learning as I go along and although I don't get to take pictures anywhere near as much as I would like, when I do I prefer to capture different cultures, people and places. I also love being near water so I enjoy long exposures of seascapes, waterfalls, rivers etc.