25 September 2014

London revisited - again and again!


Since my first photographic outing in London in June 2013 I have changed jobs and as a result swapped semi-regular trips to Switzerland with at least monthly visits to the capital. Most of these have been day trips but whenever I'm there on an overnighter I lug my camera and tripod with me.

This has allowed me to explore the city at my favourite time for photography, blue hour / night time. Accompanied by a good friend from university who now lives in the city, we have explored up and down the banks of the Thames, and more recently Canary Wharf, doing long exposures of the city's iconic buildings lit up at night. Of course this wouldn't be the same without a drink or two and a nice meal to round off the odd night away from home.

The following is a small selection and many more can be seen on my website: