30 May 2013

I first visited Tenby on the Pembrokeshire coast almost 20 years ago (when I was just 15) on a camping holiday with my friend and his family. Regretably I've not been back since. Until now!

I'm a big fan of European city breaks but I also like to have short breaks in the UK (normally Northumberland or the Lake District). This year we decided on Tenby. Admitedly we were aprehensive at the thought of a 6 hour drive with three year old twins in the back of the car, but it was well worth it. I think I have just found the next place I want to live (sorry Northumberland coast you are just too cold!!).

Nb. All images are taken from my Flickr site where they are available to view much bigger.

North Beach looking towards the harbour at low tide
Tenby harbour long exposure (4 image stitch)
Lobster/crab pots in Tenby harbour

While Tenby is a stunning little town, the surrounding beaches and coves are equally worth a visit,



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22 May 2013

Like buses, magazine requests all come at once (almost)! This is now my third image in three different magazines in the last three months. I think that is probably it for a few more years!

This magazine is Wanderlust, an excellent UK travel magazine. I've been a subscriber for over 8 years so nice to be included in the magazine. For anyone with a passion for travel they also have a great community over at www.wanderlust.co.uk/mywanderlust/.

The original image below was taken on a short trip to Switzerland last summer.

Wanderlust June 2013

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07 May 2013

I received a Flickr mail tonight saying that the Getty Images team has noticed my work on Flickr, and is pleased to offer me an invitation to enroll with them. They selected 7 of my photos for inclusion in the programme which is a partnership they have with Flickr for an invitation-only service for Flickr members to license their photos for commercial use.

My images for sale can be found here.

The 7 they requested are a random collection of images from Whitby, the Galapagos Islands, Menorca, Sri Lanka, Marrakech and Zurich. A couple of them are below.

Whitby - North Yorkshire, UK

Jemaa El Fna - Marrakech, Morocco


Getty Images

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