29 June 2013


I've been down in London this week for an event at ExCel. This is the first time I've taken my camera there and I was determined to get out one evening shooting. My colleagues and I were all staying in the Greenwich area and so as they headed into a restaurant for an evening of food and drink I forced myself onwards lugging my DSLR and tripod. I grabbed a quick subway for some sustenance knowing I was not going to eat otherwise and walked to the Cutty Sark.

I had in mind several places I wanted to shoot for blue hour but I found myself unable to move from the Cutty Sark, being captivated by the relaxed atmosphere and beautiful sunset taking place. There were lots of people sitting out watching the sun going down over the London skyline and the atmosphere was helped by a extremely talented busker playing some chilled out music on an electric guitar.

However as it was fast approaching 9pm and with sunset due at 9:30pm it was now or never! I could quite happily have spent the next couple of hours just sat there but instead I forced myself away and jumped on the DLR to Tower Gateway.

I made it to the Tower Bridge area for blue hour and the following are some of the shots I took that evening.


The next evening after the show I was out for a meal in Canary Wharf. I took the DLR back on my own so I could stop off again at the Cutty Sark to photograph Canary Wharf over the river.

As a proud northerner I've never been fond of London but after this visit I have to admit that the photographic options there are amazing. It is a cool city but one I don't think I could live in! I'm now looking forward to my next visit whenever that may be.