23 February 2013


I'm just back from a short trip to Marrakech. I had visited before back in the summer of 2007 in the days before I was into photography and it was somewhere I have wanted to return to. The first time it was approx 55 degrees C most days so not so exactly exploring weather and I knew the photographic potential of the place! However I must admit I found the photography a bit of a challenge!

Don't get me wrong there is plenty to photograph but the lighting can often be difficult in the souks or narrow alleyways so you have to use a high ISO which means the images are not as clear or as sharp as I would prefer. Also I love photographing local people. There are so many great characters and faces throughout the city but nearly everyone I asked for their picture flat out refused (or wanted more cash than I was prepared to pay)!

I hate having my picture taken so as much as anyone I understand that this is completely their right (and is why I always ask if taking a picture of a specific person) but it is quite disheartening to miss out on so many great shots! It just furthers my admiration for pro photographers who come away with such amazing shots. Still I think I got a few keepers I'm pleased with so check out my Flickr set and let me know what you think.



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